26 November 2010

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15 September 2010

Autumn Blog Train is here

I know I have been lax on posting. So i'm trying to make up for it. But I have been very busy making cloth diapers. I have become very good at it in fact I think I am going to open my own store. I will keep you posted on that but for right now here is the train and my part.
Hope you enjoy and as always don't forget to leave some love.

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28 August 2010

Cloth Diapers making progress

Here are a few of the ones I have done so far. I have only used up till this point free patterns on the web. But I am now at the point that I am going to make my own. Each style that I have made I have tried and I have one yet to fail. However I have come to 2 different conclusions. All in one diapers or AIO are easier to sew but I prefer the pocket diapers. Why? Because they dry quicker and I can change the absorbency for nap times or when I know Sara is going to be wearing it a while.
On a personal note I am sold on cloth diapers over the disposables. I recently got to do a week's worth of drill time so both girls had to go to a sitter. Which they both loved by the way. However to make the sitters life easier I bought disposables for Sara. By the end of the week I had her back in cloth diapers. She had the worst diaper rash yet. And no it was that the sitter didn't change her often enough. Her little bum just didn't like the chemicals or materials in them.
So I have been sewing like a mad women. Here are some pics...
I made these with one yard of Pooh fabric and even had a little left over to make a burp cloth. These are pocket diapers. Which I love. They are 2 different styles but they both work and fit the same just slight cosmetic difference.

This is a AIO diaper which again worked really well but it took a while to dry.

I wash all the diapers at night after I put Sara to bed then hang them outside to dry. The pocket diapers and soaker pads are dry by morning but the AIO's take till late morning to dry. Which impresses me because we live in the high desert area so it is 90 all night long and in the 100's by 10am. But they are very convenient when traveling.

So now I want to come up with my own pattern so i can combine the aspects that I like most about all the diapers. Oh yea and I just got a surger (Merry Christmas to me, lol) so I want to try to add that in as well. I think surging will make my job easier.

10 August 2010

Fantasy Blog Train

This was a lot of fun to do.
Come on back on the 15th and hop on the train.

05 August 2010

Saying goodbye to my best friend.

I just wanted to stop in and share a pic of my lil guy. I actually just put him down this last week. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. Not sure I am still Ok with it but I know it was the right thing to do. Tigger was 13 going on 14, with only 3 legs, going blind and had no teeth left. He was my 18th birthday present from my brother. We went thru graduating High School, College, my service in the military(including long deployments), the birth of my 2 daughters and the loss of my parents together. Everywhere I went so did he if it was possible. The fact that he only weighed 4 lbs helped alot with this. He was truely mans best friends and I pray that some day I will see him again.

Sorry to get so mushy, thank you for letting me share

29 July 2010

Cloth Diaper Adventure

For those that know me I just had a baby in April. Both my girls are my pride and joy but with 2 of them we made the desision that I would stay at home and take care of them till they were off to school. With that brings a lot of other issues like what to do with them and diapering was also a issue. I wanted to do cloth diapers with my first one because I feel they are better for the baby and the enviroment, not to mention the bank account. But I went back to work after my 8 weeks and day cares don't like cloth diapers. So we used disposables, but this time since I am home it was a easy desision. After a while being the creative person I am I have made my own nursing pads and I want to venture into making cloth diapers. Not a easy task I can tell you. There are so many types of fabrics and options. But I am going to try. So as I go along I am going to be posting my findings and trials as I try this. So check it out and be ready for a good laugh because I know this is going to be one of those adventures.

18 July 2010

My Girls

I just found this new action, isn't this cool. I just did these photos of my girls the other day. Its hard to believe that Sara is 3 months old. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant. It won't be long before they are off to school. Where does the time go?

14 July 2010

The Great Outdoors Blog Train

Hello Everyone!
The blog train for our Great Outdoors theme has left the station!
Please be sure you visit all the blogs on the list to get your freebie.
This train is made up of all sorts of sizes.

Remember we all live in different time zones so when you don't see a part please check back.
Here is my part:

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Previews for Blog Train

Leaving the station on August 15th.........

07 July 2010

Tear jerker.

I just came accross the most tear jerking poem that I have read in a while. And I wanted to share it with you.

A baby asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow,

but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?"
God said, "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you."
The child further inquired, "But tell me, here in heaven I don ' t have
to do anything but sing and smile to be happy."
God said, "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you.
And you will feel your angel ' s love and be very happy."
Again the small child asked, "And how am I going to be able to understand
when people talk to me if I don ' t know the language?"
God said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words
you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will
teach you how to speak.."
"And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?"

God said, "Your angel will place your hands together and will teach
you how to pray."
"Who will protect me?"
God said, "Your angel will defend you even if it means risking its life."
"But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore."
God said, "Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach
you the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you."
At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth
could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, "God, if I am to leave
now, please tell me my angel ' s name."

God said, You will simply call her, " Mom."

01 July 2010

19 June 2010

New logo

I have been thinking about a new logo that fits me a little better now that I am scrapping more. I need something that I can put here and in my store, when I get it open. I'll let you know when.
What do you think?

Layout of my friends little girl.

Isn't she the cutest thing. Thnak you so much for letting me photograph her.

17 June 2010

Walking on Sunshine Blog Train

Here it is guys, click on the link below to get my part. Don't forget to check out everyone else's to get more.

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15 June 2010

Can you raed this? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

 I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in what oerdr the ltteres in a word are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is that the frsit and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it whotuit a pboerlm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

11 June 2010

Cleaning out some old files

Here are a few old digi scrapbook papers that I had. I had created them for certain projects but never used them again but I thought you might like them.

Come Join the Blog Train

This will be my first, hope I can get this right. Join us, its going to be great.
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08 June 2010


“Life can be like a roller coaster…

And just when you think you’ve had enough,

and your ready to get off the ride and take the calm,

easy merry-go round…

You change your mind, throw you hands in the air

and ride the roller coaster all over again.

That’s exhilaration…that’s living a bit on the edge…

…that’s being ALIVE.”

25 May 2010

Sweet Faces

Sara is growing so fast. Her sister is getting more and more excited about this because this means she can play. Of course right now her version of playing is watching big sis do silly things to entertain her. As long as they are both occupied I am happy, and not hurting one another. They also watched a movie together the other night. It was "shapes" part of the Baby Einstein series, which is only about 20 mins long but that's long enough for Sara to get tired and Savannah to do something with Sara.

Anyway for this weeks scrapbook challenge I took a pic of them together, both smiling. I figure this can only last so long. Then they will be fighting so I took advantage of it. This was a digi layout. Which is the easiest for me to do right now, since most of the time I have Sara on a shoulder, but it turned out nice.

12 May 2010

Welcome baby layout

Here is a layout that I did for the thursday sketch challange. Its for our newest addition to the family, baby Sara.

Let me know what you think.

Daughters Birthday

Its hard to believe that 3 years have passed since the birth of our first daughter. For her birthday this year Aunt Hee Hee came out again and made her a princess castle cake which was the hit of the party. She had made one for Savannahs first birthday, so it was only right to do it again since she is so into princess now.

Do they ever grow out of that phase. I am getting a little tired of the glitter pink everything. And that is saying something since I like pink.

Anyway it was a fun day we played in the bounce house and ran around the house with all the other kids. Which we had a lot of. Everyone had a good time and us parents got to sit and talk for a while, which is always nice.

Over all it was a good day, it just makes me feel a little older to see her blow out the candles on the cake again.

05 May 2010

New LO's

As promised here is the 2 new layouts that I have been working on. Let me know what you think.

01 May 2010


Today is almost equal to Halloween in my book. On both days you get treats. Here are a few links that I have found that have freebies for today. Hurry I am not sure how long they will be there.

You will find a lot of great freebies on the bloggs listed below.

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ScrapElf: http://www.scrapelf.com/blog
Bubblescrap Designs - http://bubblescrapdesigns.com/

Hopefully I will have time to scrap myself. I have 2 layouts that I am working on. I will post them when I get done.

Happy Scrapping.

26 April 2010

Late night passion

Since I have so much time on my hands at night, thanks to 2-3hour feedings. I have been getting caught up on my scrapbooking. I even found a forum that was holding an on line crop. It was so much fun. I got so many ideas and saw a lot of layouts that give me inspiration for my own work. Not to mention that the people are so very nice. Heres a few layouts that I did for the crop. Let me know what you think.

Our new addition

April 7th our second daughter made her appearance into this world. She was 7 lbs 6oz.

This was a miracle for me since she was born naturally. My first daughter was taken by emergency c-section. Which was disappointing since we had been training and planning on a natural birth, which I wanted to do at home. So even though this time was also in the hospital with way to much intervention, but very necessary, I got to bring her into this world myself. Such a better experience. I would never chose a c-section if I had a choice.

Yes there was an hour and 15 mins of pushing thru the pain but I was up walking and functioning within hours afterward, versus days.

Now I just have to get thru the sleepless nights.

Savannah who will be 3 soon is in love with her sister. We had a few issues but not as bad as I thought it would be. She has become my little helper.

I just thank God for giving me such wonderful girls and letting me be there mom.