25 May 2010

Sweet Faces

Sara is growing so fast. Her sister is getting more and more excited about this because this means she can play. Of course right now her version of playing is watching big sis do silly things to entertain her. As long as they are both occupied I am happy, and not hurting one another. They also watched a movie together the other night. It was "shapes" part of the Baby Einstein series, which is only about 20 mins long but that's long enough for Sara to get tired and Savannah to do something with Sara.

Anyway for this weeks scrapbook challenge I took a pic of them together, both smiling. I figure this can only last so long. Then they will be fighting so I took advantage of it. This was a digi layout. Which is the easiest for me to do right now, since most of the time I have Sara on a shoulder, but it turned out nice.

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous layout! Love those flowers :) Your girls are beautiful.