24 January 2011

Project 365

I was playing in Sara's room when Koko came in and decided to sit and watch us. He seemed so content to just sit instead of his normal kitty attitude to get in the middle of everything. He looked almost majestic sitting there. I am very grateful for our new addition to the family, he has fit in very well.

19 January 2011

Project 365- Going Gray

Sadie is on of the best dogs I have ever had. She is one big ball of fur. She has a tendency to scare others away. I have even had some people cross the street to avoid her.
Sadie is nearing 11 years now and has given me a few scares lately about her health. But it wasn't untill I took this picture did I notice all the grey in her muzzle. I guess it happens to every one huh!.
Sadie you have been a great friend and companion, Thank you.

13 January 2011

Project 365-Day 2

So I know my goal is one a week but I had to post this one. Our wonderfull neighbor is moving today and while the movers were there packing up all thier stuff. She brought her cats over to stay with us. Which was great they are so neat to look at and to feel I just feel in love with them. They are hairless cats. At first glance they are not so cute but they grow on you and pretty soon they are so ugly they are cute. They also made great subject for my camera.
I wish you well Miranda and Corie, I wish you fair winds and following seas on your journey.

12 January 2011

Its a new year with a new look on life.

So here I sit again at the end of the night wondering where the year went to. It seems to go by so fast. The girls are getting bigger every day and even though I see them all the time its not untill I see pictures that it hits me. Thier childhood is drifting by at a very fast rate. I always tell my husband that these are the few years that they want us around so we better enjoy them because all to soon we will not be "cool" enough for them. I follow a blog that I love call "The wee fairy ring" She is a wonderfull graphic artist and photographer, which is enhanced by the fact that she has very beautifull children. Anyway she has for 2 years now participated in a project called "365". So every day she posts a picture for that day. I have loved checking in and looking at all the wonderfull pictures. This year I would like to aspire to do a project 356. I might not get posts on every day but at least once a week. They might not always be great either but I hope that like me someone might like to look at them an who knows maybe be inspired them selfs. So I hope you enjoy.
And yes I know I am a few days behind but I think I can catch up. So here is my first one. Its of my youngest being in love with herself.