09 September 2011

We did it, Made our own crayons!!!

So I keep seeing all these tutorials that take the broken crayons and make them in to new ones. And after our long trip this summer we had a few broken and some even slightly melted crayons.
And now that Sara is getting into doing crafts with mom and big sis, I figured this is the perfect time to try this tutorial out.

So we started by taking all the paper off and breaking them down onto my cupcake pans. Yes I was willing to sacrifice my pan for this experiment. Which actually worked out quite well.

I turned on the oven to the lowest temp (170) that it would go and popped them in. I had no idea how long it would take so I just kept watching them.

And of course I forgot them, for about 30 mins. But luckily for me they still worked fine. They had gotten just a lil to warm so they had actually started to separate from the wax part. Which kind of worked out because the wax was on the top and the rest of the color was on the bottom. So when they cooled the top of the disc was a light color when used and the bottom was more of the rich darker color of the crayons. It makes a neat two toned effect. You can kind of see this in the 2 different pics below.

Now to get them out I popped the whole thing in the freezer when they had become solid again of course. I left them in for just a few mins and then when I turned the pan over they just fell right out.

So the out come was a success. Next time I think I would set a timer, they melt faster than I thought they would.

Happy Drawing!!

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