30 October 2011

Sunday 7

Its Sunday again, you know what that means
Sunday 7.
Lets see last week I did better I did my Bible study sessions every night. I got my plans done for hubby and me( more on that in a diffrent post). I did not get the banners updated Because....I wanted to turn it into a give away. So we will see how it goes. I did not get to have dates with both girls only Sara. Savannah was just to wound up all week. We bump heads alot and this was one of those weeks. I did get my budget done but did not get to scrapbook everyday like I wanted. To much to do and to little time to do it in.
Over all though I think this helped I feel better abou the week. So lets do it again.

  1. Faith- Read my bible 20 mins every day and memorize my 10 key verses for Awana.
  2. Family- Make up my ideas for hubby into cards that we can use( Dont worry I will let you in on what I am doing soon) Also try to do dates with each of my girls again.
  3. Relationships-Call my family this week and touch base, maybe even put a thinking of you card in the mail, humm.
  4. Work- Keep working on banners and new holiday knits
  5. Health and Fitness- Start doing the stroller classes with Sara while Savannah is in school.
  6. Finances-Its the first so do the monthly budget, yea go Dave Ramsey
  7. Me Time- Get that pedicure and scrapbook each day.
Ok so there they are black and white now I just have to place them in my planner.
I hope everyone has a good week.

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