22 October 2011

The Sunday Seven

So since becoming a mom to two wonderful and very much a handful little girls. I have out of necessity become more organized. In fact I am addicted to it. I have a list for everything. I LOVE LISTs!
There is something that is just so rewarding about crossing off something on your to do list. If the day has been crazy and the girls are wild and nothing seems to be going right. I head over to my Keurig and grab some tea and my house book(more on that later) and regroup. It almost always makes life better and I can refocus and breath.
Lately I have been getting everything on my list done but there is always something missing at the end of the day. ME! I feel like I get forgotten in the craziness of the day. I'm not just talking about me time, I'm talking about all of me physically and spiritually, there is just not enough time. And I always forget about sceduleing bible study time, think about hubby time, things like that. So I ran across this tonight and I am going to give it a try. I actually found the idea on my friends blogs, The Intentional Peace, a great blog by the way. But she does what she calls the Sunday seven.

She says:
If we look at the ares of our life that need our attention and focus, we can usually find about 7.
  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Relationships
  4. Work
  5. Health and Fitness
  6. Finances
  7. Me Time
"The Sunday Seven" are the 7 biggest "rocks" in your life; the 7 things or tasks that really need to happen in each area of your life each week. This is not a list of everything that needs to be done, but it is a list of the most important things in each section of your life.
So here is my seven this week:
  1. Faith- I will read 20 mins a day for 6 days this week.
  2. Family-I will have an hour date with each child this week, where it is just me and them at home. No TV, computer, chores.
  3. Relationships- I will plan 10 things that I can do with hubby for 10 mins or more after kids are put in bed.
  4. Work- I will redo the banner for my etsy shop and this blog
  5. Health and Fitness-I will go for a walk 5 days out of the week and lift weights 3 days.
  6. Finances- I will make up a family budget for Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Me Time- I will scrapbook every day. (I love scrapbooking, its so relaxing) I will also go get a pedi.
So there are my 7. I am signing off right now to put them in this weeks daily planners(more on those later to)

Have fun and God Bless.

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