06 November 2011

Fall Forest Craft for kids.

As you had read before I have been working with my oldest to get her ready for school next year. One of my favorite places that I get things is the blog 1+1+1=1  she has great ideas and lots of experience. One of the crafts that we did from there was the Fall Forest. It was easy and she loves it.
We started with 2 paper towel rolls, empty of course. I let Gracie paint them brown then I cut a third off of one. So we could have 3 "trees".
Sorry I don't have a ton of photos of this project, I had a little one cutting a tooth that day and didn't want to be put down. But the project is pretty strait forward.
After she painted them I cut slits down the top and the bottom of each tube, one end I cut only about a half of an inch down. The other end I cut down about 2 inches. Then I spread them out and glued the end that was cut a half of inch up to a piece of construction paper. The other end I spread out like branches. I did this part because I used a hot glue gun. Little ones get impatient and want the glue to be hard soon, so we can get going, so I like using the glue gun.
Gracie then took some of my stamp pads and swirled them on the green to make brown spots, like there would be if it was fall and the grass was starting to turn. Then she glued leaves to the branches. Now I had just happened to be making felt flowers for their hair so I had lots of scraps for her to make into leaves. But you could use paper or even coffee filters, which would be really easy to color the different colors of fall.

Now when sissy wasn't looking Sara who had been watching this with great interest got down and glued a few of her own leaves to the trees. Shhh it will be our secret and sissy will never know. hee hee.

All in all it was a great project that used a lot of time and was very educational in explaining what happens during the fall, since we live in a place that really does not get a "fall" season. Here you just wake up one day and it goes from 100 to 40 and its winter. The forest looks great in fact its the center piece of our table for Thanksgiving.

Let me know if you have done this or something similar. We love new projects.
Happy Fall!!

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