13 November 2011

Sunday 7

Its Sunday again, wow does time fly faster as the holidays get closer. Eek I think so.
So since last week guess what.........
I got to scrapbook. Yea me. Its only been on my Sunday 7 list for oh about 3 weeks now. Oh well it was great even Sara and Savannah did some scrap booking right at my feet. Savannah loves anything crafty, yep she is my daughter.
Ok so last week recap
  1. Faith- Read my bible 20 mins every day and memorize my 10 key verses for Awana.
  2. Family- Make up my ideas for hubby into cards that we can use( Dont worry I will let you in on what I am doing soon) Also try to do dates with each of my girls again.
  3. Relationships-Call my family this week and touch base, maybe even put a thinking of you card in the mail, humm.
  4. Work- Keep working on banners and new holiday knits
  5. Health and Fitness- Start doing the stroller classes with Sara while Savannah is in school.
  6. Finances-Its the first so do the monthly budget, yea go Dave Ramsey
  7. Me Time- Get that pedicure and scrapbook each day.
I have done really well on the Bible study each day, which thanks to my new ipad"thank you hubby" makes it really nice. I still have yet to work on verses. I did make up the cards for me and hubby, "don't worry almost ready to post that one". We concluded our drawing at Loopy ladies and now have a new banner, yea!!! I have 2 more holiday knits to put up on Loopy Ladies, double yea!! Did the budget and got some scrapbooking done. I still need that pedi but 1 out of 2 for me is good.
Ok so this week..

  1. Faith -Get those key verses at least written out on cards
  2. Family - I have a family reunion this coming weekend so I have tons of stuff to do and looking forward to seeing all these wonderful people again.
  3. Relationships -Since my family is going to the reunion as well I think I might have both subjects covered.
  4. Work - Post the new holiday stuff, plan out a new giveaway.
  5. Health and Fitness -Keep going to the stroller classes they hurt in a wonderful way.
  6. Finances - tackle the dreaded holiday budget, sigh
  7. Me Time -I want to start on a project I keep throwing on the back burner, I want to scan in and archive some old family photos. And yes I still want my pedi.
Well this week is full to the brim, I wish you all the best and have a blessed week.

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