30 November 2011

Sunday 7

So I started sitting down every Sunday and doing a list of 7 things that I wanted to over shadow my week. Some were tasks others were reminders of what we should be doing in our everyday lifes.
To read more about it see my first post here.
After while I have relized that while I like making the list and it helps very much to keep me focused. I needed it where I can see it all the time. So I made up this printable that I can print out and not only keep the list of what I want to see this week but also what I have accomplished last week.
Of course I am going to share it with you as well.
So here you go. I would love to here how many of you are doing this, and how it has changed your life.

Click on image to be taken to 4shared for download.

Till next time, God Bless

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