26 December 2011

Last of the Elf Sightings

Alas the Elf has left us this year. But I thought I would share with you the last few of his visits.
Elfy built us a gingerbread house to decorate. Which was a blast to decorate with Savannah.
The next day Savannah was well lets just say it was a bad day for her. So that night Elfy helped remind her that she needed to be a good girl for Santa.

Since the end of Elfys stay was coming near he wanted to spend some extra time with Ariel. I think he has a crush on her. But if course it could never work since Elfy does not like water.

On Elfys last day he left the girls a present. It was a snowy book of winter stories. How nice of him to add one more book to our collection that we can read every night.   

We had a great time with Elfy Phillip this year and the girls can't wait to see him next year.
Merry Christmas!!

19 December 2011

Elf Sightings

Is it getting crazy for anyone else out there as the C day draws near. I swear the days from Nov 25 to Dec 25 shorten each day by an hour.
Anyway I wanted to up date you on Elfy Phillip. By the way if you haven't figured it out the reason he is called Elfy Phillip, it is because he is named after Prince Phillip from The Little Mermaid. What can I say I live with 2 lil girls that love the Princesses.
Anywhoo back to the Elf.

He invaded my sacred space, my scrapbook room. Well its not really a room but it works. At least he was good while he was in here. It took Savannah a long time to find him.

The next night I guess he got lonely so he came to check up on mom and dad, and hang around in our room. Even Elfy likes the kid free zone every once in a while.

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride. Elfy really liked our wedding photos.

Elfy must have been to tired to fly back to Santas workshop on his own because he hitched a ride on Dads FA-18.

Talk about a sweet tooth, Elfy not only got some candy he crawled in the candy bowl and hung out.
All work and no play causes tempers to rise in our house. For the Elf and the Barbies it was no exception. I got pinged in the head twice from a stray marsh mellow during their "snowball fight".

I will keep you updated in a few days with some more sightings. Until then watch out, the Elf is watching.


12 December 2011

Elf Sighting

That elf has been up to no good. He TP'ed my Christmas tree. Can you believe it.

09 December 2011

Elf Sighting

Sorry as Christmas draws near my nights get a lil crazier. But just because I have not been posting does not mean the elf has not been up to mischief.
Here is the recap of the last few days.
Elfy decided to go on a joy ride to pick up some pine cones. I guess of you are an elf you don't need reindeer, hee hee.

I guess he must miss the snow since he decided to make a mess on my counter making snow angels. Then Savannah decided to have a snowball fight with him and buried him in snow. One point Savannah.

Not sure if Elfy is hungry or just trying to scare Sara into potty training. Either way this was a big hit.

I cant wait to see what Elfy does next.
Till next time, God Bless,

04 December 2011

Elf Sighting

Look who is sleeping on the job. And to think that is really all I want for Christmas, sleep.

Till next time, God Bless

03 December 2011

Elf Sighting

Elfy and I have something in common. We both life the Little Mermaid. Well Elfy just might like her a bit more than I do.

I missed a day of antics with the elf so here is a glimpse of what he was up to yesterday.

Evidently he wrote on the mirror and drew a mustache so who ever looks in the mirror gets a extra surprise.

Till next time.

01 December 2011

Elfy is doing some dare devil stunts today. So is Elfy just hanging out with us. hummm..

Till next time. God Bless