09 December 2011

Elf Sighting

Sorry as Christmas draws near my nights get a lil crazier. But just because I have not been posting does not mean the elf has not been up to mischief.
Here is the recap of the last few days.
Elfy decided to go on a joy ride to pick up some pine cones. I guess of you are an elf you don't need reindeer, hee hee.

I guess he must miss the snow since he decided to make a mess on my counter making snow angels. Then Savannah decided to have a snowball fight with him and buried him in snow. One point Savannah.

Not sure if Elfy is hungry or just trying to scare Sara into potty training. Either way this was a big hit.

I cant wait to see what Elfy does next.
Till next time, God Bless,

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