26 December 2011

Last of the Elf Sightings

Alas the Elf has left us this year. But I thought I would share with you the last few of his visits.
Elfy built us a gingerbread house to decorate. Which was a blast to decorate with Savannah.
The next day Savannah was well lets just say it was a bad day for her. So that night Elfy helped remind her that she needed to be a good girl for Santa.

Since the end of Elfys stay was coming near he wanted to spend some extra time with Ariel. I think he has a crush on her. But if course it could never work since Elfy does not like water.

On Elfys last day he left the girls a present. It was a snowy book of winter stories. How nice of him to add one more book to our collection that we can read every night.   

We had a great time with Elfy Phillip this year and the girls can't wait to see him next year.
Merry Christmas!!

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