15 January 2012

Christmas Cards, what now?

So what do you do with all those Christmas cards that you receive over the holidays?
Some I might break down and use in my Christmas scrapbook layouts. Yes I cut them up. But the rest I don't want to just throw away. Someone spent the time and money choosing these cards and caring enough to send them, because lets face it. It has become a digital world. Christmas, Birthday and just plain old I am thinking about you cards have gone away to an email. So I want to preserve these the best I can so that my girls can see what was sent to us and by who.
So I make one page and "file" them all in there.

OK so here is how I did it. This is the second year that I have done this and this years I am not embellishing a lot just because the paper that I used is so busy. You could however add what ever you wanted.
So first I gathered my cards and separated them. I like the photo cards on one side and the regular cards on the other side. I do this because I can then make 2 pockets one larger then the other to support the square cards that I have received and so that they are not all falling around rubbing on each other. Which might over time ruin some of the photos. 
Next I select two 12x12 papers, cutting one down to 6" or in this case four then adding a 2" border to the top of a diffrent print. You could always add more pockets this way as well if you wanted.
Then you need to attach them. Now here is where I have seen different things. Some glue along the side and middle but I like to bring in my sewing machine when possible. Yes I like to sew paper. Plus then you can get a exact line on the edge and not have to worry that something might not be dry all the way when you put your cards inside. Which could result in a glued together mess. So I lay the cards on top mark where I need to sew and head to my sewing machine.

Now with sewing I am making holes in paper which could lead to perforation so I go back and on the sides I put a tiny drop of glue just to act as a support for those first few stitches. I don't know if this is necessary but it makes me feel better about my work.

At this point you are done. I wanted to make the year as a page title. So I cut out 2011 on my pazzles (which I love by the way) and glued it to the bottom right corner and called it a night.

It took just a few mins. It might be in fact the quickest page in the whole scrapbook album. lol.
If you make a page like this one email it to me I would love to see it. Also I would love to know what you do with your Christmas cards after the holidays?

Till next time,
God Bless you and yours,

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