03 January 2012

Project 365

So here we are to start a new year and that means a new set of yearly pictures. This year I hope to stick with posting them on a regular basis. Maybe not everyday, if I had that kind of time I would be getting more sleep. Hee hee. So hopefully every few days I will post the pics that I have captured. Now that being said to me project 365 is not about always documenting the amazing pictures I take. Of which there are so many, right. (Just smile and nod.) But its more about documenting the pictures that show our lives the best with meaning. Even if that means posting a pic that was taken from my iphone, gasp!!. Yes sometimes that is all that is avalable at the time and I am not one to miss the moment.

So here are the first 3 from this year so far.
While trying to clean out my office, if you can call it that. Kitty showed me exactly what she thought about my new household book that I made for the new year. By the way this has become the second most used item in my house. It is my go to for my day. In my humble opinion every mom needs one of these books.

This was cought by my husband at some early early hour with our very sick lil one. But it is moments like these that I want to remember. Not the fact that she was sick but the bond that was made stronger by this moment.

In the mornings I like to do some sort of craft with the girls together. Then when sara goes down for her nap Savannah and I can do school work then more crafts. Today I let them finger paint. Which evendently it was more fun to squish the paint in your hands than paint. Oh well they had fun.

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