11 February 2012

Growing hands family style.

I had seen variations of this in different craft books and web sites. In fact on our fridge is a hand print my eldest did in preschool that they cut out and attached a magnet to with a lil poem. I love it.
So for Christmas this year along with a new family photo, that I had to beg my husband to do. Anyone else have that problem? I wanted to send them something that could mark the size of the girls so I decided to do one with all of us together as a family. That way if I can remember to do this at least every few years it will make nice markers in time for our family. Especially those that we dont get to see very often.

I have to apologize up front I didn't take pics as we were doing this. I was to busy trying to protect clothes, tables, dog and myself from getting a stray hand print. I do however have a few pointers that I would like to share.
First use water base paint. I hope thats a given but you never know. Second do one family members hand print at a time and wait in between for them to dry. Otherwise the paints mingle and in the middle you get a not very attractive brownish mess.
We started with dad then myself followed by the girls. Everyone got to pick out their favorite color to use, but you could really do it any way you would like. Mom and dads hands in grey with kids in color would be very cool.
So have fun get creative and I would love to see what you made.

God Bless,

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