15 May 2012

Coupon Book

So with our move coming soon I am tring to save as much as possible. Because suprise the Navy only covers so much. Anyway I also needed to get as many of those back burner projects, you know the ones you started or gathered everything together to do but never finished.
I am going to be trying to post them, as I pack, take care of the girls and handle all the other fun things that you have to do when you move.
In my quest to save and organize I had seen alot of coupon books, folders and well I am not quite sure what they were. So I made my own. I took just a 3 ring binder and some baseball card slevees. Then because its me I added some decorations. 
I tried to take some pics as I went along although with 2 lil ones under foot I didnt get everything I wanted to and they are not the best. But oh well you will get the idea.
So I started like I said with a 3ring binder, baseball card sleeves and tabed dividers. Then cutting down some scrapbook paper I used it to cover just the front side of the tabed dividers. Dont ask why I didnt do both sides, maybe I will but for right now it looks great and works.
I used both a runner and stick glue because I wanted it to hold well but also I wanted to seal the edges as well as I could to make them last thru the wear and tear that it would get over the next few years.

Using my pazzles I cut out decrotive covers for the tabs.
You can see how its coming together.
Since I have not decorated the outside I think this is the best view of what the folder looks like. I choose to write out the diffrent sections on the tabs. I should have typed or stenciled them on but oh well next time. I had to get dinner going and the lil one needed a diaper change.
Besides it felt good to cross one thing off my list of things to do before we move. Wheeeww!!

Till next time,
God Bless