13 October 2012

First Field Trip

This was our first field trip of the year with our home school friends.
It was so much fun we went to the Ueno Museum in Tokyo Japan. We got to see lots of bones, Dinosaurs, Fish, Snakes, even a human skeleton. It was great. There was so much to see we didn't get to see it all. Lil sis did not have a nap that day because we were there so it ended up being a rough evening by the time we left. We will most defiantly go back, there is a Zoo and lots of other things to explore there. So stay posted.
Here is a pic of the girls looking at the Dinosaur bones.
Sorry for the low light picture but I didn't want to flash everyone, ha, ha.

This was a really cool feature that they had. It was a replica of what a dig would look like, and it was right underneath you. The lil ones were most amazed by this.
Not being able to read Japanese made things a lil difficult for me however the girls who cant read large words anyway were the quickest at figuring out how things worked. Go figure right. 
The girls had so much fun, we cant wait till dad comes home and can go with us.
Till next time,
God Bless

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