15 October 2012

Sensory Time in tub

The girls had a great morning playing in the bath with the Aqua Beads. I bought this really cool lil blue kiddy pool before we left the states however we are having to live in an apt. Which was not something that I had planed on so I am having to revamp some of my plans. However I have found that the bath tub is making a great place for sensory time. Both girls loves it and actually played long enough for me to drink a cup of tea and check my email. Which I had none from my hubby so I was a lil sad. Oh well such goes the life of a military wife right.
Big sis played for much longer than lil sis but I would say they both had a good time.
As you can see they were very into it. I didn't change their clothes or strip down which was nice I just told them to hop in.
Until our next adventure.
God Bless

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