27 December 2013

Random digi scrapbooking backgrounds

I am playing around with new styles, and I thought I would share. 
Here are some just random papers.

Why we Homeschool

This is such a complex issue for most. I don't think I have met very many home school families that planned from the beginning to home school. Most of them like me were lead to do so by scripture, and the lack of faith in the current school system.
So my story starts out like most I think, my oldest attended the preschool on base 3 days a week and I starting helping her with letters, numbers, and colors at home. The usual stuff that they usually go over in preschool right. Then almost two thirds the way threw the year the government cut costs and with it restricted the number of kids that could attend. Since we were senior enlisted at the time of course we lost our spot to a junior enlisted child. Which is the way it should be don't get me wrong. The problem was that we made to much to qualify for the on base preschool but didn't make enough to be able to afford the off base preschool. So since I had been helping her any way I figured I could finish getting her ready for Kindergarten.
I started off doing the lil work books that you buy in the store, then I discovered my favorite blog 1+1+1=1. She had developed this wonderful curriculum for not only preschool but Kindergarten. I started my princess off in the preschool stuff but she quickly caught on and I was soon doing Kindergarten with her, I was using the Raising Rock Stars Curriculum along with Saxton math and other interesting things that I found on Pintrest.
We then got orders to Japan at that point I thought, "heck I can keep teaching her, then we can travel." Let me mention that princess #2 had made her appearance by then so school was done during her nap times since her older sister didn't nap anymore.
Fast forward to Japan, at the beginning of what should have been Princess #1's kinder year we were already half way thru with the Kinder curriculum. But when we got here she made lots of friends in our neighborhood and when it was their first day of school she asked to go to school. Well after some prayer and thought I packed her a lunch and took her to school. By this point in time she was able to read simple books and write all of her ABC's upper and lower. Did I mention she caught on fast. The rest of her class was not as advanced and the teacher had to start at A and take them threw the alphabet. This was torcher for my lil princess, so she got bored and started doing what most lil ones do when they are bored. Play and talk, which was not very much appreciated. I started to volunteer in the class at that point to try and help. Which it did. Amazing what mommy's presence in the room does. However I also got to learn about the school and its students. Kids had no guidance for appropriate clothes, speech or manners. Swear words were often said, girls were dressed in outfits that I wouldn't let myself be seen in, and finally after having one of the lil boys tell us quite vividly about Friday the 13th a movie him and his dad watched together, I had had enough.
Now I am not a saint and I know that this is 21st century and since I am a sailor I do have some "immunity" to these things. However I saw a change take place in my lil one that I did not like. She was losing her Godly view and was becoming like some of the sailors I work with and she had only been in school for 3 months. When I talked with the school, which I did all the almost everyday since I was a regular volunteer at that point, they saw nothing wrong with this. I was even told swear words were a normal part of speech and there for not wrong, they just tried to encourage them to use them when appropriate. SAY WHAT!
I pulled my princess out and ordered her first grade curriculum, we joined a home school group and that was that. Well sort of, I want to tell you I want the best for my child but I am human. After almost a whole year of school I was pulling my hair out. My lil learning sponge had started to slow down even refuse to do school. After talking with her father and more prayer I decided that battling the world was easier than battling my sanity and hurting my relationship with my daughter so with a month and a half of school left we sent her back to school. Now mind you she was a good way into her first grade work and her "class" was just finishing Kindergarten. However God had a plan, instead of her being put back in the class that she was in she was put in a different one. And that teacher was amazing, there was still a lot of things I didn't like but she assessed our princess and gave her work that was appropriate for her level. And guess what she got past the hurtles that we had been stumbling on. Although everyday was a battle, she didn't want to go to school and most often left my arms crying and begging to have mom as her teacher again. It broke my heart.  At the end of the year princess, myself and the teacher were all in agreement that she would thrive in home school.
Since then we have been a team, there are days I don't want to do school and days she doesn't want to but we try to motivate each other.
Now we also have lil princess joining us for school. She started preschool this year, which again I turned to 1+1+1=1. It worked great before and so far she loves it.
Bottom line is Homeschooling is hard but I would rather have a very long day than have my children exposed and have to deal with the "world" at such a young age. They will have plenty of years of living in it, however this way I can be assured that they have the morals and the tools to handle what the world throws at them not just survive.
There are many that would argue with me but after prayer and looking back on my own struggles, this is what I have determined would be the best for my children.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.
Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

09 November 2013

School Year 2013-14

I know its been a while but we have been very busy here. Starting a new school year in Japan has been very interesting. First there's the shipping nightmare. When you order something from the states it can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Needless to say that some of our books were a lil late. And oh did I forget to mention that the beginning of school also marks the start of Typhoon season. Yes and this year is the worst ever.
Anyway on to what we are doing.

For Princess 1 who is starting First Grade

We are using Sonlight for the backbone of our work, History, Science, Language Arts, Spelling, Reading and writing. 
For math we are using Singapore Math, which this is our second year and we love it. 
For Bible we are doing Awana both Sparkies and Awana at Home, which allows us to dig deeper. 
We also are doing something new this year and that's Classical Conversations. Which we love, love, love. 
Even lil princess is memorizing facts and learning the time line. 
God has been so good this year to us, what we have been learning at CC is lining up perfectly with our History with Sonlight. I know it wont always be so but for now its causing a lot of "hey mom, thats from our timeline song. I like history!" which always makes me feel good about what we are doing. Those feelings are my nudge from God saying, see its worth it just keep following my lead. 

For lil Princess who is starting Preschool

We are following the guide of a wonderful God gifted mom, who designed her own God centered Preschool curriculum. I found it when teaching Princess 1 preschool and took advantage of all her free downloads, this year I bought the Raising Rock Stars Preschool pack. Its amazing and just what I want to teach not to mention she has a great plan on how to do it. You can check it out at

Lil princess loves RRS preschool. She also participates in Awana and CC, both of which is mostly learning thru songs. Which is just how she needs to be learning at this stage. And of course lots of play time, which doesn't make her sister happy when she has writing to do. But its a good life lesson for big sis to learn. 

So that's what we are doing this year, so far any way. I will try to update this post if we change. 

God Bless, 

08 May 2013

Valentines day for us.

Homeschooling and part time schooling allows us to take part in both worlds. Which normally is a good thing however sometimes overwhelming. Like valentines, it's rough getting 22 valentines for one class done but try double that for 2 different parties, whew.

But we did it and we had a blast.


DIY Body wash

Yes I know I am really late in posting this. But its better to be late than never.
So as promised here is how I make our body wash.
First step is to get your favorite bar of body soap. Normally I get dove but I found a really good sale on Softsoap so that is what I have been using. Its got a great smell, love it. Zest is also another one I have used however my hubby didn't like the smell, lol, but it worked great. So after you find a bar you like you will need to grate it.

After grating it I add enough water to cover the shavings. I don't want to water it down but I need there to be enough so the shavings will "melt". Which in this case I used 16oz. 
Now I don't heat it, I guess you could but I have found just leaving it on the encounter is just as effective. And let me be honest in that with 2 lil ones running around I don't have time to watch the soap boil. So it sits on the counter till I get a chance to get back to it. Usually in a few hours. 

And after a few hours it goes from this to this.

Which is not liquidity enough. Yes I know its not a word, just bear with me. 
So I added a few more ounces of water and poured them in my left over bottles. 
Because I added those extra few ounces I had enough to top off the kids hand soap bottle. Yea, mom. 
The only negative that I have is that its a lil snotty in texture. Which is kind of fun to play with I will admit. But some may not like that fact. Normally I would run over to JoAnns or Micheal's and get some vegetable glycerin  However being in Japan makes that a lil more difficult since there is no JoAnns or Micheal's  Yes I cry over that fact a lot. Just one of the many sacrifices of being a military wife stationed around the world. Anyway if you add a teaspoon of glycerin to the soap it makes it less snotty like. 
And that my friends is all for today. 


11 February 2013

Valentines school

I'm always looking for ways to make our lessons fun and current. It's not always fun to learn about history for a 5 year old. This week we are learning about tribes. So today we made a valentines tribal mask.
This was also something that lil sis could do which is always nice. I like when I can make their lessons the same. It easier on mommy.

Of course SB wouldn't hold up her mask. 2 year olds, what can you do?

Not quite tribal but still a great craft for both our subject of study and holiday.

Till next time, 
God Bless, 

05 January 2013

A lil late but very note worthy

I know its after Christmas but a friend sent this to me and I wanted to share.

The sea is cold, the night is dark... the blowing wind is crisp,
I stare across the ship's huge deck... I did not get my wish.
I wanted so, to be at home... this year on Christmas Eve,
But this will be the year that I... did not get Christmas leave.

I stand and think about my family... gathered by the tree,
I know that one will say my name... and then they'll think of me.
I am not there to share their joy... my country needs me here,
But I am not the only one... who won't get home this year.

I miss my family but I am... on guard for my country,
Protecting those who can have Christmas... is my first duty.
Many men have given all... for us to have that right,
And I feel honored just to sacrifice... a Christmas night.

But still I'm feeling so alone... as many of us are,
As I just stand here on the deck... and watch a Christmas star.
I guess it is a Christmas star... it shines for all it's worth,
And I think back to when a star... foretold His peace on earth.

If only people felt this calm... as on this Christmas Eve,
And not create hostilities... that make their brothers grieve.
Then we could have a peaceful world... as it was meant to be,
But until then we must stand guard... and this night it is me.

Once again my thoughts turn home... my family safe and sound,
Because this ship and other men... are ready to stand ground.
The Navy and the other branches... keep us safe and strong,
So those at home can celebrate... and sing their Christmas song.

But knowing that I must do this... I can't hold back a tear,
Wishing I was home this Christmas... sharing in the cheer.
Seeing all my families faces... lights and Christmas trim,
Now the night is getting darker... as I think of them.

Trying now to fight this feeling... of such loneliness,
Softly speaking to myself... a lonely Christmas wish.
Actually my Christmas wish... is now a Christmas prayer,
Thank you for the men who serve... our country everywhere.

Thank you for our families... who enjoy this Christmas free,
Thank you for the other men... who serve this ship with me.
Thank you for allowing me... to make this sacrifice,
A joyous Christmas for our families... makes it worth the price.

May there be peace within you today.
May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

A late Merry Christmas to all my shipmates serving and thier families.