08 May 2013

Valentines day for us.

Homeschooling and part time schooling allows us to take part in both worlds. Which normally is a good thing however sometimes overwhelming. Like valentines, it's rough getting 22 valentines for one class done but try double that for 2 different parties, whew.

But we did it and we had a blast.


DIY Body wash

Yes I know I am really late in posting this. But its better to be late than never.
So as promised here is how I make our body wash.
First step is to get your favorite bar of body soap. Normally I get dove but I found a really good sale on Softsoap so that is what I have been using. Its got a great smell, love it. Zest is also another one I have used however my hubby didn't like the smell, lol, but it worked great. So after you find a bar you like you will need to grate it.

After grating it I add enough water to cover the shavings. I don't want to water it down but I need there to be enough so the shavings will "melt". Which in this case I used 16oz. 
Now I don't heat it, I guess you could but I have found just leaving it on the encounter is just as effective. And let me be honest in that with 2 lil ones running around I don't have time to watch the soap boil. So it sits on the counter till I get a chance to get back to it. Usually in a few hours. 

And after a few hours it goes from this to this.

Which is not liquidity enough. Yes I know its not a word, just bear with me. 
So I added a few more ounces of water and poured them in my left over bottles. 
Because I added those extra few ounces I had enough to top off the kids hand soap bottle. Yea, mom. 
The only negative that I have is that its a lil snotty in texture. Which is kind of fun to play with I will admit. But some may not like that fact. Normally I would run over to JoAnns or Micheal's and get some vegetable glycerin  However being in Japan makes that a lil more difficult since there is no JoAnns or Micheal's  Yes I cry over that fact a lot. Just one of the many sacrifices of being a military wife stationed around the world. Anyway if you add a teaspoon of glycerin to the soap it makes it less snotty like. 
And that my friends is all for today.