27 January 2014

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 week 16

Yea! another week is down. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now don't get me wrong I love teaching these kids however I am now 10 weeks pregnant, Oh yea did I mention that, hee hee, surprise! Needless to say my energy levels are down and everything else is coming up, ugh!
This week my lil princesses and I were sitting here watching Magic School Bus, which I love by the way it puts gross things in really kid friendly perspective. So we were sitting there watching the episode and wouldn't you know it was on friction. Which goes right along with this weeks Science grammar of Newtons first law. Ding! So I am playing this video during our review time if I can get the TV to work at CC tomorrow.
It was the episode on Friction less Baseball. Now its not a perfect fit but its a nice complementary video and my kids will enjoy the break from games, and it gives me a chance to rest before lunch time madness.
There is a science activity that goes with that episode to if you have the time and your kids are curious and want more to explore the link is

In my searching I also found a  U tube video that sings the geography song, yea!! I don't have to come up with one. Here is the link to that,

Then I found this awesome page for helping them sort out what is a verb, she also has print outs for nouns, pronouns, so I will defiantly be going back.
Verbs (C2, W16)  Lots of good stuff!

I plan on talking threw this with them then later in the week I will have the princesses cut and paste their answers. This will help them stick it more firmly in their brain.
What do you do during the week to re-enforce what your kids have learned?

Till next week,

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