20 January 2014

Classical Conversations C2 week 15

This year we have found a wonderful program that I have come to love. I jumped in feet first as a tutor and have not regretted it since then. However since this is my first year I have had to do a lil research and come up with some creative ways of how to get this information across so my "students" could understand. Well at least understand the basic concept. My group the apprentices range from ages 6 to 10. Which for a homeschooling crowd covers a lot of different grades.
Anyway I made this chart to help them have a visual for types of sentences. I'm going to link it so that you can use it as well. All I ask is that you give me credit and it wouldn't hurt to start following since I plan on posting some more "helps" next week for CC.
Here is the chart

Also I found a really cool Bill Nye the Science guy video( yes I am that generation) on Energy. It goes along with this weeks science perfectly. Yea!!!
Hope this helps. See you next week. 

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