24 February 2014

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 week 19

5 more weeks can you believe it. We took a break last week for presidents day, it was much needed in this family. As we gear up for memory masters we needed a chance to review and make a plan of attack.
Anyway this week is an easy one, YEA!!!!

For grammar, which is a hard one this time I think for lil minds. I tried to make a focus chart that would help them. Please keep in mind this is for young ones k-3rd ish. I think it will help and later when we revisit this we can expand on it some more.
I am loading a copy here if you would like to have one as well.

For geography I again am using a song from CCHappyMom
Here is the link, did I mention that I am so thankful to her for all these. 

I actually found a really good U Tube video for thermodynamics here is that one as well.
It actually encompasses a lot of weeks, week 19 starts around the 5 min mark. So just scrub thru till you get to 5 mins then play. Or listen to the whole thing its a good review.

Last but not least is math. I had been trying to rack my brain and remember this song, when low and behold I found it on U Tube. Who says you cant educate your kids with videos, ha.
This song actually starts at week 13 and goes right up until the end. So again its a good learning and review song.

I know it is a lot of links this time but at least hopefully I have taken some of the leg work out of planning for this week.
This week we are also doing a science fair with our home school group. My lil princess actually did a good job. I had to help her out with narrowing down the topic but for the most part she did the rest. I might have had a hand in the display board. Yes my creative OCD kicked in, I couldn't let it look like a 6 year old put it together now could I. lol yes I know I have issues.

Anyhoo... I will see you all after the science fair, hopefully with some nice pictures,

God Bless

Update click the picture below to see the Science Fair post, it was a great event.

10 February 2014

Classical Conversations C2 week 18

Welcome to week 18, we are almost to 20, isnt that exciting. Well I'm excited anyway. 
This week we are having our valentines exchange, since it is only a few days away. This year I have a few students with food allergy so we had to go the no candy route, which isn't a bad thing since that seems to be all I am craving right now. Sweets and fruit have been what I have been living off of for the last few weeks, I hope there is an end soon. I really want some steak but this baby is determined to make me a vegetarian. Anyway that is another post for a different day. 
So the girls and I sat down and looked thru Pinterest. We found 2 cute valentines to share. 

Thanks to the 100 yen shops, gosh I am going to miss those when we leave Japan and get back to the states. Anyway for just a couple dollars I was able to get everything and we sat down and put them together. I think they turned out great. The only thing left after that was to make the "mailboxs" for each girl so they could collect their valentines. I just took a couple of shoe boxes and wrapped them in plain brown paper. Cut a square in the top for deliveries and with a few stickers, some marker and of course a lil paint...

We had 2 cute valentine mailboxes. 

I love this time of year it gives me an excuse to be crafty. lol. 
Anyway on to week 18. 
My favorite You Tube person CCHappyMom continued her song this week to finish up the rest of central Europe. Yea!!! Now I do have to admit that as an adult I find it hard to memorize all 500 pieces of information that these kids seem to soak up with out effort. However this weeks and last weeks history song have been playing constantly in my head, I am pretty sure I will always know the countries that make up Central Europe. It could be because she put it to the music of one of my favorite songs, who doesn't love the om-pa loom-pa song.  You can find the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPE24XlllHo

I do have a math song for you however it includes weeks 16-20 and I need to practice a lil more before I put it on the blog. Sorry it will be coming soon. I also am going to try and back up and post some weeks that we have already done. That way next time around we will be more ready. 

I am going to use my ball again for Newtons 3rd law, its simple enough to memorize so I think if I can give them a good visual then they should get it. 
Nouns are a different story. I couldn't come up with any cute hand out so I am just going to have them help me make up some hand motions for it. They seem to remember them better if they help come up with the motions. Besides it pretty funny watching some of the things they come up with. 

Well that's all for this week. I hope you have a Happy Valentines. 

03 February 2014

Classical Conversations C2 week 17

Well my morning sickness or anytime sickness as it seems to be with me, looks like it is finally coming to an end. Yea!!! This is the second night that I haven't had to lay down every 5 mins to keep food down where it is supposed to be. Uck!
So I had a lil extra energy and I created this cool Noun, Pronoun and Verb work sheet, for Grammar this week. Like I talked about last week, what I usually do is just verbally ask them which category a particular word goes in during "class". A few days afterward I have my eldest Princess actually cut and paste the answers in. This helps her to reinforce what she is learning. So I will attach it below for you to use as well.
CC c2 week 17

Click on the image to download. 

CCHappyMom posted another great Geography video for us, thank you so much CCHappyMom. 
Here is the link:
I wish I could embed the video but I am still learning all that stuff. Sorry. 
Well that takes care of the bigger subjects this week, I hope this helps you, it sure has me. 
 Oh I also have a new game this week its from Half a Hundred Acre Wood
I will let you know how that goes as well. My kids are hard to please so I am always looking for something new. 
What kind of review games do you play?

Till next week,