03 February 2014

Classical Conversations C2 week 17

Well my morning sickness or anytime sickness as it seems to be with me, looks like it is finally coming to an end. Yea!!! This is the second night that I haven't had to lay down every 5 mins to keep food down where it is supposed to be. Uck!
So I had a lil extra energy and I created this cool Noun, Pronoun and Verb work sheet, for Grammar this week. Like I talked about last week, what I usually do is just verbally ask them which category a particular word goes in during "class". A few days afterward I have my eldest Princess actually cut and paste the answers in. This helps her to reinforce what she is learning. So I will attach it below for you to use as well.
CC c2 week 17

Click on the image to download. 

CCHappyMom posted another great Geography video for us, thank you so much CCHappyMom. 
Here is the link:
I wish I could embed the video but I am still learning all that stuff. Sorry. 
Well that takes care of the bigger subjects this week, I hope this helps you, it sure has me. 
 Oh I also have a new game this week its from Half a Hundred Acre Wood
I will let you know how that goes as well. My kids are hard to please so I am always looking for something new. 
What kind of review games do you play?

Till next week, 

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