24 February 2014

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 week 19

5 more weeks can you believe it. We took a break last week for presidents day, it was much needed in this family. As we gear up for memory masters we needed a chance to review and make a plan of attack.
Anyway this week is an easy one, YEA!!!!

For grammar, which is a hard one this time I think for lil minds. I tried to make a focus chart that would help them. Please keep in mind this is for young ones k-3rd ish. I think it will help and later when we revisit this we can expand on it some more.
I am loading a copy here if you would like to have one as well.

For geography I again am using a song from CCHappyMom
Here is the link, did I mention that I am so thankful to her for all these. 

I actually found a really good U Tube video for thermodynamics here is that one as well.
It actually encompasses a lot of weeks, week 19 starts around the 5 min mark. So just scrub thru till you get to 5 mins then play. Or listen to the whole thing its a good review.

Last but not least is math. I had been trying to rack my brain and remember this song, when low and behold I found it on U Tube. Who says you cant educate your kids with videos, ha.
This song actually starts at week 13 and goes right up until the end. So again its a good learning and review song.

I know it is a lot of links this time but at least hopefully I have taken some of the leg work out of planning for this week.
This week we are also doing a science fair with our home school group. My lil princess actually did a good job. I had to help her out with narrowing down the topic but for the most part she did the rest. I might have had a hand in the display board. Yes my creative OCD kicked in, I couldn't let it look like a 6 year old put it together now could I. lol yes I know I have issues.

Anyhoo... I will see you all after the science fair, hopefully with some nice pictures,

God Bless

Update click the picture below to see the Science Fair post, it was a great event.

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