10 March 2014

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 21

So yes I know I missed last week. You see the benefit of being in Japan is that the night before CC I can make these posts and on the state side I am still a day ahead of when CC is held. Well that is if you hold it on the same day as us. Any way last week was just one big blur, we had the AWANA games, Girl Scout Sabbath and I had 4 extra house guests, not to mention I am still struggling with evening sickness. Seriously Im 15 weeks shouldn't this be gone by now or at least easier.
On to this week, week 21. You know what that means only 3 more weeks left. Yea!! opps did I type that. I really do love my kids but this is a lot of work.
 Ok first is the easy one Goeraphy. Happy CC mom comes through again. Her songs are a hit in my class as well as here at home. Here is the link to this weeks Geography song

For math I found kind of a cool lil video from KHAN Academy now there is one for multiplication as well but its a lil over my guys head as most of them haven't done multiplying yet. So that one I will have to wing and maybe leave that for the parents to explain I will just introduce. Which by the way is all that is needed by the tutor, just to introduce the new grammar. I however am a "lil miss know it all" or so my best friend has told me since grade school. And since I know it I am going to share and try to explain.
Here's the link to the addition video,

So if you are from the School House Rock generation, you will be able to fill in the blank,
"Conjunction junction whats your ____________"
That's right function. I am kind of excited to share this with my lil ones since its the same thing I watched 20++ years ago, lol.

Lastly is science and that I will just have to talk them thru. There are lots of catchy songs but I just didn't think any of them explained what the third law was. So I will just have to, since I am a know it all, hee hee.

Just a few more weeks left folks and we are almost to summer. Kind of scary but exciting as well.
Take care, God Bless and see you next week.

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