17 March 2014

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 22

Wow that weekend went by fast. That means one thing. Summer must be around the corner, our event calender is filling up fast. Ugh!
Any way this week we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day. So I made up these cute lil treat bags for all my students. And of course I had to eat any left overs, lol.

If you would like the printable top Click here for that post.

On to CC for this week. I am using the Geography song from....Yep you guessed it CC Happy Mom on U Tube. Did I mention shes a life savor, I just love all the work she does. Here is this weeks link. 

For grammar this week since its kind of an extension of last weeks. We will review that then add on this weeks difference. Basically a Conjunction joins 2 words, phrases, or clauses together. A Coordinating Conjunction connects 2 sentences together. Which can and in most cases for me lead to a run on sentence. But luckily for me they don't know about those yet. Yea!!!
I found this anchor chart on Pinterest..

from Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach's blog. I will recreate this on the board for them to see. Sorry I didn't have time to do a print out myself so this will have to work for now.
Also for anyone gearing up for memory masters here is a great U Tube video that goes over everything up till now. Shes a rapster type, which me and the kids love. Here's that link,

For math I will use a simple math question to demonstrate again, they actually seemed to understand it more than I thought they would last week, of course, stinkers.
Science is supper simple to demonstrate with a prism some water and a flashlight. I will try to get some pictures to share with you while they do it.

I think that's about all this week. Have a great week and see you next time.
God Bless,

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