24 March 2014

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 week 23

Well ladies and gents its down to the last 2 weeks. Where does the time go. Can you believe we have been doing this for 23 weeks. Wow.
Daddy came home today, Yea!!! So I had a lil extra time to myself to work on CC.
 For those of you that are not familiar with the military life let me explain what happens when a parent comes home. Which ever parent is deployed gets full attention when they return from the kids for at least the first 24 hours, and the other parent that has been caring for them during this absence gets forgotten.  Which is as it should be and is also very nice to finally get a break. Then life goes back to normal and because you are the parent that is always there then they come back to you for everything even though the other parent is there. Sigh, not so nice.
Anyway on to CC, so for this week again I am using a U Tube video from Happy CC mom. By the way she is a genius, I never would have thought of half the stuff she comes up with and then she puts it to a song. I am in awe every week. Here is the link for this weeks history song

For the distributive law I made up this lil chart after I was inspired by some drawings on pinterest. Hopefully this will get the idea across, again I have younger kids that I am tutoring so I try to keep my examples simple.
Here is the image if you would like to use it as well.

For grammar I will have them march and chant the definition. This is kind of review since we touched on this briefly earlier in the year. They also love doing this as it makes lots of noise, and what kid does not like that. 

I found 2 nice lil charts that help show how heat flows so I think I will print both of them since one is a lil more simple than the other. Ok truth be told I couldn't choose between the 2 they are both good.

If you click on the images it will take you to the original source. 

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my weekly plan. If you want to see more please subscribe by email or join as a follower. I plan on continuing through the summer in preparation for next year, cycle 3. I also have some fun summer themes and lessons planned.  I hope you will stop back by and check out our summer adventures and ideas. 
If nothing else leave a lil love in the comment section so I know that this is all helping someone else besides me. lol. It gets easy to feel a lil lonely out here in the blogging world. 

Till next week, 
God Bless, 


  1. This is fantastic! I'm going to be using your Distributive Law chart with my CC class this week!

  2. Great I am glad it can be of use.