09 March 2014

Classical Conversations Science Fair

Sorry I am a lil late in posting this, I am still having morning sickness. Well actually evening sickness, I wonder if because we are in Japan where evening is morning stateside. If that's why its happening in the evening, lol. Who knows I just want it to stop so I can function again.
Anyway sorry I got side tracked.
The Science Fair was awesome. This was a trial run for us in the CC home school group. Next year we are hoping to have all the home school families join us not just those of us that are in CC.
My princesses decided to one together, well actually mommy decided. Its a lil hard to motivate a 3 year old to do a whole science project. So it made sense that they would split the tasks and just work on one.
The girls decided unanimously and very quickly that they wanted to do something with candy. Ha Ha lil did they know this was just one way I could get rid of candy with out them eating it. Yea!
I had seen an experiment online during one of my late night Pinterest surfs, where they used hard candy to show erosion. Now they had a lot of time and a pretty in depth set up but I thought maybe we could recreate it with less involvement. My girls are only 3 and 6, I mean lets face it mom does most the work at this point anyway.
So we wound up using M&Ms and 3 cups, 2 of which were filled with water. The first was our control so it just sat in the cup. The next 2 we added 4oz of water to. One cup with water was left alone the other was swirled for 15 secs every 5 mins for 1 hour to recreate as well as we could the effects of moving water against the hard surfaces f the candy. Think rocks on a beach and how they get beat all the time with the waves. 

The big princess did the recording and lil princess did the swirling. I was actually surprised that the candy in both the swirled cup and the non swirled cup dissolved at about the same rate. The swirled one was a tad bit skinnier but not by very much. I would love to do this again in later years but with a more in depth test. But that's for a different post. 

Here are the princesses showing off their display. Mommy might have helped a bit with the display. Yes my OCD kicked in at that point.
Below are some more pictures of some of the other students explaining their displays and giving demonstrations. We even had a real live rocket display. The kids loved that. 

It was a great time had by all. I cant wait to do it again next year. 

Till next time, 
God Bless, 

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