22 May 2014

"Getting ready for baby" series, Building Bunk Beds for the girls.

So as I had wrote about before we are about to welcome princess #3 in the next 3 months. And since we live in an apartment that is a lil over 1000 square foot home, we needed to redo a few things.
So if you look back at this post you will see that we made a to do list as a plan of attack so we can make room for lil princess.
First on that list was to get rid of the girls twin bed and make more room in their room.

This way we could move all the toys out of our "playroom" and turn it into a nursery. Well and maybe a small corner for moms scrap booking. But that's another post.
So we cleared the room headed down to Viva Home, which is the Japanese version of Home Depot and got started.

Yes that is a lot of "stuff" under the bed. That was the good thing about having 2 twin beds. Lots of stashing stuff room. And yes I had to organize all that stuff and make room for it somewhere else in the house. That will be in a different post later on. 

By the way did I mention that I have the best husband ever. I showed him this picture from The Handmade Dress blog. They have the blueprints if you would like to make one yourself. 

Anyway he looked at the picture, then we talked about how to make it work for us, and we modified it so it would work in our small home. We originally had the idea of using one of the princesses dressers as an end. to the bed. That way we could free up some of the closet space that was currently used for the dresser and it would make a wall for a nice little nook underneath the top bunk. We however ended up using a book case at the end instead. My mommy mood kicked in and I was a lil uncomfortable with the end of the top bunk open. I could just see someone falling out. So we changed them out. Lucky they both were the same width. 

The girls had to help of course. We used it as our lesson that day. Dad did a good job at adding in math, science and even a lil writing into the lesson of building bunk beds. Way to go Dad. 
Finally the girls got their bed, after a lil paint now all that's left to do is mom to decorate. That job might have to wait a lil bit. 

One check in the block done. On to the next task. 
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**Update I got some decorating done while my girls were out today. What do you think. The curtains underneath can be lowered so that it makes a nice lil hang out. Also a great place to play with a light bright or tell scary stories in the middle of the day so they are not so scary. Thank you bubble guppies camping out episode for the idea. 
Anyway, let me know what you think. 

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