13 May 2014

Scrapbook Room re-do AKA Getting ready for baby series

So what do you when you are living overseas in Japan with your husband, 2 kids, a cat and a guinea pig in a 1000 square foot home. Oh and by the way you are expecting your 3rd baby in 3 months. You cry, pray, laugh at the situation then you start to reorganize.
For those that don't know our lay out, we do have 3 bedrooms, one is ours, one the girls share and the third is a homeschool, craft, playroom all in one.

I am ashamed to say that I can not sleep with my children when they are babies. I know I feel bad about it and I have tried, but it is what it is. I can sleep with jets launching over head, or turning their engines next to me, I can even sleep standing (thank you boot camp). However when it is my own child I seem to be supper sensitive and I wake at every, sigh, gurgle, cough, toot, and even if they just roll over. Which leaves a very tired mamma even more tired. So I learned with my first princess that she needed her own room.
So here we are today, small house, 3 months from another lil one and no extra room. As I am sure you can guess our play/homeschool/craftroom gets to be redone into the babys room. I am hoping to keep a lil corner for my scrapbooking since princess #3 will only be about 7 months by the time we move back to the states. Hopefully into a bigger house.

So here are a list of tasks that we hope to get done before princess makes her grand arrival.

1) Build bunk beds for the girls

2) Move all their toys into their room

3) Move homeschool "stuff" into dinning room

4) Rearrange scrapbook area and set up baby space
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