09 June 2014

Fathers Day Craft Book- makes a great gift.

Once again Daddy is on the boat for Fathers Day. Yes we dont actually get to spend this holiday a lot with him. Which means mommy and the girls have to get creative, so that we can show him that even if he is not here he is loved and missed.
So this year I saw a really cute book on Pininterest, of course. lol. Anyway you can check out the original idea here and get the print outs as well if you would like to do one. Her original idea involved a 4x6 lil photo album. However in japan they don't have a picture size that is 4x6 its more like a 3.5x5, well sort of. Anyway needless to say I couldn't run out to the store and get one and I didn't have any lying around so I made a paper bag album in stead. I used the bags for the inside(that way the girls could put thier own drawings inside  and then I recycled a cereal box for the covers.

I am going to try to take you step by step with pictures but forgive me it was late at night so some of the pictures were not the best. I also forgot to take a picture of the girls drawings inside but I think you can figure out how they go in.
So here we go.
 So first I printed out the sheets for the book.Then I cut the front and the back out of a cereal box making it a quarter inch bigger than a folded paper lunch bag. Covering one side of the cardboard with glue I attached some scrapbook paper to it. Leaving enough on the edge to wrap around the edges.

I then used a complimentary color paper to cover the inside, I dont want hubby to know that I ate cocoa pebbles while he was gone. Yes its not the kids its mom, but what do you expect I am 7 months pregnant. lol
So it looks something like this.

I punched holes in the cover then used it as a guide to punch the back cover and pages. 

If you notice I cut a lil extra off 2 of the bags. I wanted to sandwich a lil bit in the layers of the cover. Just to add stability.

 Yes I had to re-punch one side because the bag slipped. Did I mention it was late and I am pregnant. Anyway then using brads I sandwiched all the layers together and then glued the printed pages inside on the bag "pages".

Ta da!!!!! All done, the next morning I had the girls fill out their perspective pages and we then mailed it off with a few of Dads favorite treats.
Happy Fathers Day hunny!!! Miss you.

Till next time,
God Bless you and yours,

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