02 June 2014

Getting ready for Baby series, How to Organize Ribbon - for free

Ok so I say free but this is assuming that you have a few items on hand. Most people I know do. If not then I am sure you can find them or borrow them easily enough.

Wire hanger
Wire Cutters
Pliers or jewelry tool
lots of ribbon

First you need to separate out your ribbon. Decide how you want to organize them, some people do it by size, some by brands. I like color so that is how I separated mine. Come to find out I have TONS of pink ribbon. I guess with 3 lil girls in the house that shouldn't be a surprise huh.
Next you will need to cut your hanger on one of the sides about half way down with the wire cutters. Then using either pliers or a fancy jewelry tool bend back each freshly cut end into a hook.

Here is a close up of what it looks like when hooked. I bent one hook to the side and one up. That way they would be more secure.

Almost done, whew this is hard work, lol. 
Next comes the fun part. Start threading your spools on. Two things I learned, first some of the spools holes are not big enough so you will have to tear or cut them a little bigger to fit over the hook and around the bend of the hanger. Second have all your ribbon pinned/tapped so that it can't unroll, it makes a mess. Also hang them so they roll out the same way. 
Kind of like the argument over which way the toilet paper roll should roll, you will have to figure out which one is best for you. 
By the way does anyone else have that argument in your house, about the direction that the toilet paper should roll. I say it needs to roll up over the top and hubby says unroll in the bottom. Ugh! men. Anyway, sorry I got sidetracked. 
Here is what it should look like when you are done.

Now you can hang them on hooks on the wall, which will make a very nice display. Or you can hang them in a closet to keep them out of sight but handy. I like to see what I have so everything is out where I can see it. Once I am done redoing the baby's room I will hang them on the wall. For now I am just leaving them on my rack. Which looks very pretty by the way, minus all the junk around. Why does it seem like when you are trying to reorganize you first have to make a big mess then go back and clean it up. Does this seem counterproductive to any of you? 

Have fun, I would love to see how you "display" them.

God Bless you and yours, 

This is part of my "Getting ready for baby" series. Click here to view the whole series.

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