20 February 2016

Organization of my life for the New Year.

Some people make New Year's resolutions, I try to set up an organization system to help me stay on top of everything during the new year. Which right now is homeschooling a Third grader, a kindergartner, mom to a very busy toddler, wife to a Gunner and let me take a sec to also add that we are expecting a new addition to our family in May. Yep I do all this and I am pregnant with our 4th child. Needless to say I need all the help that I can get. 
Usually around January, sometimes in June I buy a new planner in hopes that it will help keep all this "craziness" in check. This is a big need especially while pregnant, can we say "baby brain". That might be a post all on its own though. 
This year when we came back to the states I found what I thought would be a great planner. It was small, cute (yes that helps), it had a month overview, as well as a weekly layout. There was a place for appointments and a task list. However I didn't have a place for school stuff but I figured I would just make a school folder as I had done before since all I really needed was an overview. Both girls are on a preset up lesson plans, so I don't have to think just follow.  

Well after the Christmas season was over I realized that princess 2 was almost done with her Calvert school work. She is a smart cookie and started out this year already reading. So up to this point we just used the lessons to perfect her sounds, sight words, and writing. However now I realized that I needed to start stretching her toward the bridge that she will need to cross heading into First Grade. 
So that meant I needed to mix things up, which means I need a different game plan every day, I needed to plan school work everyday. Ugh! Or at least a week at a time.
This was about the time that I ran into the concept of Bullet Journals. It caught my attention but I was not sure how it would be useful to me. And I already have a planner. After some stewing on the thought and some Pintrest surfing, I decided to use my current planner but use the notations or "key"  for my daily tasks and planning. 
Let me explain. I use the monthly section to do an overview as usual. Placing events, reminders and such on which ever day I think it may need to be on. 
Don't you love my lil heart paper clip. It lets me find the current month very quickly. Once a week I sit down and look over my month and separate it into the days that it needs to be done on or that the event occurs on. 
So it looks like this, on the weekly pages I use the appointment side for my tasks appointments and such using the Bullet Journal notations. And the task side I use to map out that day's school work for Princess 2. 
It has worked very well so far for me. Next year I will have to change things up a little since we will all be going back to using our Sonlight curriculum again. Next year I will have to teach 1st, 4th and preschool. Ugh! So I will play with a few ideas and let you know what works for us. I am thinking it will look a lil more like the traditional bullet journal. 
I did start a more traditional bullet journal to help me track things that I like to make sure I do. Like practice piano and remember to water the garden. I also track our savings for different money goals that we have. I will get a bit more into that in anther post though,  For now I am off to bed. Night.

Update on how its going 3 months later is here.

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