01 February 2016

The making of the "30 Day LOVE Challenge"

So I normally am not one to start Bible studies. I love learning and growing but I have never thought of myself as a spiritual leader. However God has been placing this on my heart for a while now. So when I was putting together a Love bible lesson for the girl this month, it occurred to me that I could share what we are learning and you can use it to study with us. 
Unless I am doing Bible study with a group or my hubby I usually do a study along with the girls. I just go a lil more in depth during my quite time with God. I have found that God usually uses this time to help give me tools to share or use with the girls. 
So what does this look like. First I pray about what they are to learn. So this month being a love month I wanted them to learn how deep and strong God's love for them is. After praying and reading I come up with a selection of verses or ideas to outline a study for them. Next I pray and work with God to develop each one into a weekly lesson, then into daily lessons or reinforcements that they will cover each day. Now I wont fool you into thinking I don't need inspirations sometimes. I have found that Pinterest is a good place for ideas as well. I have found that if God wants us to study something he will fill my Pinterest feed with it. 
There is always a memory verse, although I usually only have them do one a week since they do AWANA as well. I don't want them overwhelmed. This month we are just getting back after a long holiday break so I think one a day is not unreasonable for right now. 
For princess 2, who is in Kindergarten I usually have a coloring page or easy activity to do. For princess 1 I can get a little more in depth by asking questions and having her copy scriptures. Princess 2 copies scriptures as well but not usually the whole thing, unless its short. 
So that is in a nut shell how I develope our Bible lessons for our homeschool. Also this is how I planned out a 30 day Bible challenge for myself and you. 
So grab a cup of your favorite drink, get comfy and join us. 
30 Day Love Challenge
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