30 March 2016

Update on my Bullet Journaling

Its now been 3 months since I started my version of Bullet journaling and a monthly tracker. So I have to say I love it. The downside is that is it making me want to learn more creative handwriting. I'm getting sucked into expanding my lettering and art skills. Which at 5 weeks away from the delivery( I hope) of our forth child is not a good thing. I do not need one more obsession right now. 
Oh well. Here is some updates on what I am doing. 
First my monthly tracker, which has kept me accountable in doing the things that I feel need attention everyday. However it is also keeps track of how much I am slacking these months. 
Monthly Tracker

As you can see between being pregnant and sick children I have a lot of holes in my tracker. In fact I never finished February, which I am ok with because I know at that point I was just in survival mode. As you can see I didn't get very creative with this one either. 
Bullet Journaling

I started on Aprils already and I am trying my hand at being a little more artsy. I have seen a few with washi tape as well and I loved the splash of color. Im not done yet but its a great start to a very colorful page. 

For my weekly tasks and my youngest school, I am still using my old day planner since I only have one child to plan out school for. You can take a look at my explanation here. So here is an updated look as to what that looks like. 
Here is a monthly view.

So there you have it. What is working for me now. Question will be is can I keep it up when the baby comes, and what kind of layout can I use for next years school year. I will be planning out 2 of my 4 childrens lessons. Any suggestions are welcome. 

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